Please make rental payments via one of the following:

1) Automatic Transfers from your Bank to Mine - Setup manual or automatics payments from your bank to mine. I'll provide my bank account number and routing number. This is often times surprisingly more difficult than you would expect, and they often cap the transfers to $1000 a day or so. New Zealand has a very safe, reliable, free and Bank Managed system for transferring money between checking accounts in hours that we do not have in the United States. What we are missing here is far greater and safer than what we have. NOTE: These transfers should not involve Zelle nor "Bill Pay" style check writing services due to the nature of the third party involvement and confusing escrow accounts. More on both of these matters at the bottom of this web page.

2) E-check Processing - Click the button below to make an e-check payment via my Paywize Payment gateway. This is a website shopping cart oriented service I pay for specifically for processing e-checks. There are no additional processing fees to you for this service. I pay for this service and rely on it because our banks have made it quite difficult to transfer money digitally without extra fees and illogical processes as described in Option 1.

With this service you will specify the payment amount and then get an email receipt for processing that has my information on it, just like a shopping cart check out process. The money will be drawn from your bank account in 2-3 business days. For our mutual convenience, I can setup recurring billing with this gateway, and I have several banking gateway contacts I can get on the phone if there are any payment issues or errors.

3) Mail me post dated checks - Please mail me six months at a time (or less if applicable for the short term fully furnished rental) and please use a service that provides a tracking number. USPS Priority mail is about $8 and the cheapest of those options. UPS Ground is a bit more but another option. Make checks payable to: Bryan Canary. Mail to: Bryan Canary, 15165 Amaral Road, Castroville CA 95012 . The initial payment for first months rent and/or security deposit may or may not be suitable for mail depending on timing between lease signing and start of lease.

4) Paypal - You can paypal me at If any transaction fees are applied they are yours to cover. Please make sure these are coming from your paypal balance and not an e-check via paypal which takes 2-3 weeks to process. This can work fine if you already have a Paypal account setup and you know how it works. Please do not try to setup a Paypal account thinking you can then make a quick payment from your checking account with it. The setup and validation process takes several days at a minimum.

5) Credit Card (via Paypal) - I can process your rent on a credit card via Paypal. You do not need a paypal account for this. I can initiate the payment requiest for this. I will add 3% to the transaction to cover the transaction fees.

6) Walk into Bank of American and deposit a check directly into my account - I will provide my checking account number and routing number for this. This is only generally accepted for initial rent payments and deposits. Ongoing payments need to be done via one of the other methods above.

Methods I do not use for rental payments:

  1. Zelle - The largest banks have agreed to use "Zelle" for their inner bank transfers. It sounds great until you find out there is no one who will track down errant transactions AND by signing up for the service, the banks claim they will not offer the same account protection they do if you don't use it. references

  2. Bill Pay Checks - I've had three problems with tenants banks telling them the checks had been processed when in fact their money was moved from their checking account to the banks escrow account, but the bank then failed to issue the bill pay check for weeks. These checks do not work like most think they do . In fact they are a form of Cashier's Check. references

  3. Other third party apps like Venmo, Cash App etc - All the major banks have indicated use of third party apps decreases their willingness to cover losses due to an increase in scams references

  4. Checks mailed monthly - I do not want to rely on the USPS every month to get rent checks. It's too prone to error and other issues.